A new month, a new chapter, and a new comic! After last month’s emotional chapter, I’m happy to bring back some light-hearted content with Risa this time around! February is a month known for a variety of different celebrations. Perhaps the most prominent one in the western world is Valentine’s Day, commonly a festive season for celebrating notions of love, everything from the innocent puppy love to the steamy romantic kinds!

I will be exploring the last Valentine’s Day season with my characters in high school. They are graduating this year after all! Olivia drags Risa out into the hallway abruptly, perhaps while in the middle of class or lunch. Whatever it was that Olivia dragged Risa out of, Olivia wanted to reassure Risa that she’s on her side and that she’s trying to help her out. Risa gets that Olivia is trying to help her in her Valentine’s day operation, but wonders why Olivia is doing a whole lot to give Yogurt a hand. The answer to that is quite simple: Yogurt doesn’t really need any Valentine’s Day help at all.