Hi everyone! I have a new comic to share for the week! Continuing directly from the last comic, Yogurt approaches the door to open it after hearing a knocking from the outside, most like because it was a late student. Indeed, she was right! However, Yogurt is greet by a very familiar face. Looking up at her from below was cute young girl with long black hair and blank walnut eyes. It was Koko, a student that Yogurt once took care of at Olivia’s nursery a couple years ago!

For the uninitiated, Koko is the titular character of my upcoming Sketch Artist Koko series, something which I will be hoping to work on once the Yogurt Short Comics series is nearing the end of its story. Koko in her own series is still several years away, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t explore her younger years here in the Yogurt series. I think what makes this particularly special is that both take place in the same universe, but explore different aspects and stories. The Yogurt series explores more grounded, life stories featuring Yogurt and her friends, while the Koko series supposedly leans towards more of the supernatural and surreal. The idea of marrying the two concepts was conceived several years back when Koko was created, as a way to not only explore some of the “strange” occurrences that happen throughout the Yogurt series, but to give them a face and name. I’m hoping to write many more stories of Koko once the time has come!