Hi everyone! I have one more comic for the week! As we saw in the last comic, Yogurt meets Koko once again, only this time Koko is a little bit older, about 7 years old this year! The last time Yogurt saw Koko was back in 2021 while she was still at Olivia’s daycare.

In this comic, everybody in the art class is doing some free sketching of some various objects setup in the middle of the classroom. The students are using a variety of pencils at their disposal to sketch out by observation. Yogurt, being a teaching assistant, is joining in on them and sketching along side by side so that she could get a feel of the techniques and provide assistance to those around her. Of course, the students being very young, are impressed by how well Yogurt is drawing. She imparts her knowledge on what to focus on and how to draw what they’re seeing, Since everyone is sitting in different spots around the room, everybody has a different view on what they’re seeing, one of the first lessons they are learning. The students are bright and learn incredibly fast!