Another comic!

For the longest time, I’ve been waiting to bring about Risa’s cousin, Shu. Risa is a second-generation Japanese-Canadian, but Shu is all Japanese. In this short chapter, I’d like to at least illustrate my experience that I’ve had with an old friend of mine who had come all the way to Canada from Japan for a brief time. This chapter will also give me a chance to illustrate some of the common inconsistencies when trying to go back to your “roots”, as I too am a second gen like Risa. It’s not uncommon for second gens to lose touch with the culture their parents grew up in.

In this comic, Shu casually introduces himself in Japanese. Just like how some anglophones can’t understand the language, I’ve taken the extra courtesy to just write the introduction in some easy hiragana to better convey the lack of understanding that Yogurt and Risa are experiencing, even though it seems incredibly obvious that he’s just saying his name. Though, it could be that he’s just playing.