A new comic! This is the first comic to be completed over a live drawing session on picarto.tv. There seemed to be a few issues back and forth between various channels and some viewers not having their chats read, but for the most part, some people have managed to show up to watch me finish this comic from start to finish. I’ll be sure to let people know earlier when I would be drawing live again. Keep in mind that live drawing sessions would be about as frequent as new comics uploaded a week, so there’s plenty of chances to catch me drawing.

In this comic, Risa sees her mom walk into the restaurant with another guy, somebody who isn’t her dad. Risa quickly jumps to the possible conclusion that her mom is having an affair. Put aside Risa’s over-reaction and absurd fantasies, I’m pretty sure that this isn’t an affair. Some people can easily jump to the assumption of the worse possible scenario. Risa happens to be that kind of person sometimes.