Last comic for the week! I’ve been updating my comics quite frequently lately, and that’s because this weekend I will be attending the Edmonton Comic Expo! I won’t have much time to work on comics over the next few days, but I’ll certainly be posting updates from the con!

In this comic, Yogurt is excited to try out her new tablet computer! After having it unboxed, she sets it up on her desk and prepares to boot it up for the first time! She thinks it’s the coolest thing ever, being able to take apart the keyboard and use the tablet as a drawing tablet and everything! However, when she’s greeted with the home screen, she tries to figure out how to do anything on it. Drawing, writing, browsing the web, doing assignments and essays… On a computer that she has absolutely no experience on, she’s completely clueless on where to start. She likely doesn’t even know how to install the programs that she needs to do even half of those things.