A new comic for the week! Just a heads up to everyone! I will be attending the Edmonton Comic Expo this coming weekend! It’s going to be really busy for me, but I expect this weekend to be just as eventful and fun as always! I will be bringing all sorts of merch, including books, prints, charms, music CDs, and big wall scrolls! Definitely keep a lookout on my social media feeds for more photos and merch over the next few days!

In this comic, Papa decided to buy Yogurt a tablet computer! Yogurt is in awe as she holds the box with her new tablet in it. It’s her very first computer, something that she will hopefully be using quite a bit through her university program! Yogurt is super super grateful for it, acknowledging her dad and giving him a big hug. For Yogurt, she wants to use the tablet for drawing. Digital art is something that is completely new territory for her. Yogurt loves to draw, but so far the only things that she had worked with were traditional mediums like pencils, ink, and paints. Moving on to digital will be quite the step and she’s excited to give it shot! Yogurt’s dad, on the other hand, hopes that his daughter would remember to use the tablet as she originally intended, which was to help in school work.