One last comic for the month!

In this comic, Olivia tries to bring up the mood a bit by optimistically looks forward to the future and reassuring that they can still be good friends even after they’ve decided to go their own ways after high school. She pulls out a phone, quickly reminding Risa that there certainly more ways to keep in touch with old friends now than ever before.

And with that, this chapter has come to an end! Yogurt and her friends have graduated high school and the series can begin to wrap up the high school arc in the coming summer chapters. In the following months, you can expect to see much more of Yogurt and Berry as they make their way towards the mountains, capping off the end of this long arc with a chapter that I hope will wrap things up nicely and prepare for a fresh start with Yogurt and her friends in their college years. It really has been such a journey to write Yogurt all the way through her middle school/high school years, seeing her character grow into the young woman she is now. She’s had plenty of hardships on the way, but none that she wasn’t able to overcome in time.

I really do look forward to wrapping up the arc and finally return the Yogurt series back to the college years, the timeframe that my original pilot was set in. Remnants of my now non-canon college-aged Yogurt can still be found hidden away on my tumblr or even on my old facebook accounts. It’s not exactly relevant anymore, but it does mark the beginnings, the roots of the Yogurt series.