A new comic for the week! This chapter is just about to wrap up. With Yogurt and Berry closing off with the decision to finish off the summer with a trip to the mountains along with Yogurt’s dad, Risa comes up along with the other friends to reflect on the reality that high school is now over for them and that they will be going their separate ways after the night. Some of them will start work and some of them will continue studying in post-secondary school. They will be doing their best to achieve their dreams and follow the paths of life that they set themselves. Despite all that, Risa optimistically hopes that they will all continue to stay friends. While everyone else appears to feel the same way, Risa was the one to voice her thoughts on it. Perhaps this group of friends that she was close to since the beginning of middle school meant something for her, something that she wants to keep long after they graduate.

There’s always a level of uncertainty that comes with maintaining friendships especially those that you’ve held early in life. I think Risa and everyone else will still continue to be friends as though they’re still in high school, even though they will be long graduated. As long as they keep in touch and regularly meet up and plan events together or so, they’ll likely keep the clique strung close. Of course, that’s being hopeful. Often the reality is that people drift further away from each other, only for friendships to remain a distant memory. Hopefully, Yogurt and her friends don’t end up like that in the coming years.