Another comic for the week! We’re about at the half-way point of the chapter. Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful Christmas holidays and that everyone is keeping safe!

In this comic, Gabe reassures Risa that she doesn’t have to go all out with bring up her feelings to Terry. She doesn’t need to do the things that Yogurt did, that is planning a big and extravagant and cheesy romantic scene. Gabe tells Risa that it’s completely okay to bring it up in a setting where the two of them are most comfortable, like when they’re visiting each other’s houses and having movie nights or dinners together! It’s not like they haven’t been doing so already. The two of them meet up quite regularly!

At least in Gabe’s mind, it seems like the most natural setting to bring up Risa’s feelings to Terry is none other than casually in a homely setting.