A new comic for the week! So far this chapter has been pretty slow building, focusing mainly on the conversations that Risa and Gabe are having about their respective relationships. Risa has come to Gabe to ask him for advice on what to do. She’s been aware of her feelings for Terry for quite some time now, but is looking for the right time and place to bring up the subject to Terry, which in and of itself is a challenge she’ll have to muster up courage to take on.

Gabe recalls the time when Yogurt confessed her feelings to him back in 2018. If you recall from earlier comics, Yogurt confessed to Gabe in a rather cheesy and extravagant way. She took him out to a majestic mountain range, one that she had planned to take him all along since the very beginning, and gave a long speech, even so far as to reach out and kiss him. It was pretty extravagant, and Risa agrees too. So Gabe’s case might not really help Risa much at all.