A new comic!

Yogurt and her friends have just finished their last final diploma exam!! And with that, their high school studies are done and all that’s left now is the graduation ceremony and their high school prom. To celebrate, they end up going to Papa’s diner and having a feast. Risa brings up the prom, prompting Terry to say that he might not be able to go since the prom tickets are quite expensive for the venue it’s held at. So Risa casually assures Terry that she’ll cover his ticket. She’s not going to prom without him.

This month, as well as the next few months, will be quite the joy to write about. These are the closing chapters to a long-running story arc years in the making. It’s been such an amazing ride writing these characters and watching them grow. There’s been so much that has happened since I’ve started their story back in their middle school years. I’m really looking forward to giving this arc the closure it deserves, and hopefully, prepare everyone for what is to come right after high school.