A new comic! Also, Happy Birthday to Yogurt! Just this May 6 Sunday, Yogurt turned 17 years old in the comics! To celebrate, I drew a very nice Yogurt illustration. Check out the tweet here!

In this comic, Yogurt and her friends are celebrating the completion of the last of their exams by having a feast at Yogurt’s dad’s diner. As the waitress comes by to take their drink orders, everyone, one-by-one, decides to order an iced tea to drink. Berry, on the other hand, is pressured. Would he choose to fall to peer pressure and pick an iced tea or to just pick out his own drink? Well, he certainly musters the courage to pick out his own, as he enthusiastically decides on the Very Berry Cream Soda special that they have at the diner.

This comic is actually a bit of a call back to one of the very first Yogurt comics. In particular, it is this one: Combo

With the series’ high school arc coming to an end, I figured it would be kind of nice to look back a bit at the older comics. There have been plenty of devices that I have planted so long ago to serve as a foundation to Yogurt series as it stands today. A lot of the things are starting to wrap up this year. Not all of them, but quite the number of them.