Hi everyone! I have a new comic to share for the week!

In this comic, Yogurt visits the daycare that she used to volunteer her time at! It’s been a little while since she last went there. By this time, the kids that she used to look after and teach no longer are there, but that said, she’ll likely find Olivia still working there! In fact, the very first face that greets Yogurt as soon as she opens the door was none other than Livvy herself. And she certainly has her hands full, just like always.

In other news, I recently did my first stream using my traditional art streaming setup! If you haven’t caught it, that’s okay. You can find the VOD on my twitch channel pretty easily HERE
For the stream, I created new custom inks for my blank copic markers. These custom inks will be used as part of an extended Yogurt palette for my traditional illustrations. As you may have known from viewing my illustrations and sketches that I upload online, I have a specific color preference and use a lot of shades of burgundy/maroon in almost everything. By creating these colors using alcohol inks, I was able to make my custom colors and then some!