A new comic for the week! This will probably be the last comic I will work on for the week, as I will be preparing to head out of town this weekend. But that’s alright! I have more comics lined up for next week.

In this comic, Yogurt meets up with Olivia at the daycare to ask for some job hunting advice. Olivia suggests that the daycare is always looking for extra hands, so Yogurt could always choose to come back and work at the daycare. However, Olivia understands that Yogurt is probably looking for real first entry to the work field. She suggests looking at job agencies, whom can help Yogurt look for jobs around the city. It’s kinda like the university one, but it’s always helpful to try to apply to more places to get more bites. This also opens up Yogurt to finding temporary work too, something that she could potentially use to expand her networking and connections.