Another comic for the week! We’re quickly approaching the end of the month! I only have one more comic to work on after this, and we’ll be entering May with a fresh new chapter. Yogurt Short Comics Vol.8 will also be prepped up and ready to be sent in for publishing in the first week. So far, I am on schedule to get my book printed on Yogurt’s 20th birthday, May 6, 2021!

In this comic, Yogurt and her dad are popping some popcorn on the stovetop the old fashioned way! Papa is interested in hear about how Yogurt and Berry have been doing in a school. With the final exams done and out of the way, they’re looking forward to their next year of studies. However, when Papa asks about how Berry has been doing, Yogurt hesitated to say much. Instead, she begins to ask him for some advice, perhaps advice on how to help Berry.