Last comic for the month! This has been a rather slow chapter, and with my surgery earlier in the month, it kind of needed to be a slow burner. This chapter, we’ve touch on Berry’s hesitance in choosing a major, something that I think a lot of young students feel at some point. The feeling of not really knowing what to do or what to expect. The feeling of searching for some kind of life purpose. In the case between Yogurt and Berry here, Yogurt’s support is perhaps the one thing that’s holding Berry together at this time. Just being there to help lend and ear or even provide advice, or even just taking the time to take life a little slower to catch their breaths. If there’s one thing that Yogurt is really good at, it’s making Berry feel a little more relaxed. Which is a little bit ironic, since Yogurt herself is prone to feeling intense anxiety and can be pushed to having panic attacks.

Perhaps it just goes to show that in relationships like the one between Yogurt and Berry, it’s okay to have their roles swapped. Sometimes one can learn to lean on the other and vice versa.