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Berry had just arrived at Yogurt’s place, where he sat waiting eagerly for Yogurt to finish putting together her best outfit for the evening high school prom. Yogurt was certainly anxious and nervous, but at the same time, excited beyond belief in the fact that she’ll be celebrating her graduation together with her closest friends, those that have been by her side these past several years in middle school and high school.

She walked downstairs, slipped on her party shoes, and signals Berry that she’s ready to go to the prom. It is perhaps one of the only few times in her life that she’s able to dress fancy in one of her mother’s party dresses. In order to kind of surprise Berry, she had her hair and face done up elsewhere. While it doesn’t seem like Berry’s reaction was very noteworthy, I’d like to think that he’s quite in awe, as if Yogurt transformed her appearance into a completely different person. Of course, Yogurt quickly reminds Berry that she is still the very same Yogurt, simply by her affectionate and playful reach for him. The two childhood friends are ready to go to the prom.