Another comic for the week!

It’s prom time! Yogurt and her friends are dressed looking their best for the party! For one of the only few times in their lives, they are wearing their fancy dresses, putting on their best faces, and suiting up for the occasion. This would be last time they would spend time together in high school.

In this comic, Olivia has arrived! Everyone is already at the table. Yogurt and Berry brought their parents, and so did Risa! Olivia is amazed by everyone’s fancy wear. She hardly ever sees them like this, so it’s a nice change of pace. She compliments everyone on their outfit. However, she seemed to give Gabe a little bit of a special treatment, flattering him a little more than anyone else. She even went as far as calling him “Berry” something that is quite off-limits. The flattery in combination with the name drop was enough to make Berry feel uncomfortable, something that Yogurt certainly picked up on, and she doesn’t seem to like it either.