Last flower comic for the month! In the end, Berry ends up seeing his flower bloom after all this time.

This month has been pretty fun. I was trying to do something that is a tad bit different from anything else I’ve done before, and that was to write silent comics. I can’t say that I’m any good at it, but I can say that it was fun to explore a little bit on how Berry is like. From this little side story, Berry comes off as a little obsessive in my opinion, but in the end, it turns out he cares for something that Yogurt gave to him with great importance. Even if it was something that Yogurt found off the ground, Berry feels responsible for taking care of it just because she gave it to him.

Another thing we get to explore was how impatient Berry can be at times. Despite waiting it out in the end, there were times when Berry focused a little too much on the plant and neglecting other important things. Having such tunnel-vision is something that may be a common trait among a lot of quiet and dedicated individuals like Berry. However, if there was something good to come out of it, it is that Berry loves his plants as if they were his children.