Hello May! It’s a new month, and here’s a new comic!

Yogurt’s birthday is on May 6. Much like last year, I’ll be working on birthday comics. This time around, I was thinking of dedicating the whole month’s worth of comics to Yogurt’s little birthday gathering. This year would make Yogurt out to be 13 years old, a second year middle school student. It will also mark the 6th anniversary since the Yogurt Project was conceived as a rough concept.

In this comic, Yogurt invites her friends in. Terry brings up the idea of birthday bumps to Yogurt, something that she doesn’t really know. By the looks on Terry and Risa’s faces, it won’t be long until Yogurt does find out, perhaps. Depending on where you live, you might not have dealt with birthday bumps before, or anything like it. It’s commonly practiced here in Canada, even though I haven’t necessary experienced it first hand before.