I have something a little special here! This is the very first Yogurt fan comic to be uploaded to my site, provided by one of our close readers! The artist of this comic is DrewPoochyena In this comic, Olivia is letting Yogurt try on a bit of cosplay! Yogurt is wearing a cat costume that’s not too dissimilar from Patty in appearance.

Allowing fan comics on my site is definitely a new thing, and it gives me the opportunity to highlight some of the fan works from artists that enjoy the Yogurt series enough. While I certainly don’t plan to have too many fan comics on my site much, I will be giving people the opportunity to make fan comics like this! If you are interested in having your Yogurt fan comic uploaded here, please don’t hesitate to send me a message and ask! I can have a look over and decide if it’s something that fits in well with the series!