One last comic for the month. I want to close off this chapter with Terry’s household. At the beginning of the month, we’ve seen Olivia and everyone eager to hangout together for the summer, but they were disheartened to hear that Terry would not be able to make it to the hangout. As shown in the latter half of the chapter, Terry was busy working at the restaurant. But it’s not so much that he’s working for the sake of it, but rather he’s working to keep his household together.

I didn’t quite hide Terry’s household much in the past. Compared to Yogurt, Risa and everyone else in the group, Terry’s household was clearly of poorer financial status as they barely make it day by day, month to month. When Terry landed a job with Yogurt’s dad’s restaurant, Terry diligently worked in order to help out the family household. As Terry looks into his mother’s bedroom, he sees his mother, still in her work clothes, knocked out cold in deep sleep. She had quite the long day of work, and will continue to have a long day of work the next day. Chloe walks up to Terry anxiously, perhaps looking for a bit of reassurance herself. It’s just the three of them in the household now.