Another comic for the week!

After spending a few nights in Victoria, Risa and Terry spend one of the last days there checking out the coastlines. Risa points out something out in the distance close to the edge of the coastline. She heads down the rocks to take a closer look. Terry warns her of the rocks in the area, as they could be a little loose. Even though Risa is being careful with her steps, she wasn’t careful enough and begins to take a fall. Luckily Terry was there to catch her! This comic actually kinda mirrors the times when Yogurt slipped and Berry catches her. There wasn’t really a time when Risa slipped, but I suppose in this comic, it shows that she’s just as susceptible to slipping as Yogurt is.

On a fun note, Risa is wearing a cute light green summer dress! It’s actually based on a dress I saw during my trip that I also happened to take a photo of for reference. I’ve been wanting to draw Risa in this dress for while now. She doesn’t usuallly wear dresses, so the occasion is a little more special. She otherwise wears a lot of regular casual clothes like t-shirts, shorts, and tanktops