Hi everyone! I’m back with another comic for the week!

In this comic, Terry and Risa are roaming around downtown and checking out all the neat sights and historical alleyways and such. I used a few photos here that I’ve taken during my trip to Victoria last month. I actually hope to do more backgrounds like this where I would go out and take pictures of places I’ve been to and incorporate them into my series, just to make things feel more real.

Upon walking through some of the alleys, they come across a small but popular bubble tea place. Although they have them back home in the prairies, there are quite a few more bubble tea places all along the west coast. Upon hearing something about boba tea, Risa starts thinking about Yogurt being able to do the boba tea challenge, which is an internet meme thing one would attempt to hold up a cup of bubble tea handsfree and using only their chest. Terry, who doesn’t really follow much of the internet stuff if at all, asks what that challenge is. Risa tells him just the gist of it and saying it’s from the internet.

On a side note, I like to think that Terry would be able to do the boba tea challenge too using just his massive pecs.