One last comic for the month. Starting next month, I’m on the home stretch to completing my second volume in the Yogurt Short Comics series! I’ll be preparing my book for purchase soon. Once again, it will be a limited print-run, full-color, ~250 page trade sized softcover book. For those buying the book in-person directly from me, I’ll be there to sign and autograph all copies, as well as finally accept credit cards in-person using Square.

Summer for the most part is coming to an end, and many students seem to be heading back to school for their Fall and Winter semesters. Back when I attended school, I have to admit that the most exciting time for me was when the back to school sales come out. I would usually take this as an opportunity to buy loads of cheap paper, sketchbooks, and writing utensils.  Admittingly, I love collecting fancy steel mechanical pencils and rare pens when ever I see them.