A new month! This will mark the last month for the second volume of Yogurt Short Comics! I’ll be open to taking Volume 2 pre-orders both online and in-person within the next week or so. Pre-orders online will require a $10 CAD deposit. The final total cost will be calculated after the books have arrived and are ready to ship out, from which only fully paid balances will be fulfilled. Please note that I’ve also printed very limited copies of Volume 1, which will also be available for order with Volume 2. Just be sure to add that to the same order if you want that too! I look forward to run limited copies again very soon!

In this comic, Yogurt is about to head out with her friends to pick up some school supplies for the upcoming semester. Her dad seems to be a bit worried that she might not have enough money to buy the things she needs, and he ends up pulling out all his pocket change. Some lucky people like Yogurt can be pretty spoiled, but with parents like her dad, it’s all the more likely. That said, it’s not like Yogurt flaunts her wealth, treats her friends to meals all the time, or show off her fully equipped basement suite like some people do.

By the way, our money is made of plastic here, and the $100 bills are brown in color. Glorious monopoly money.