Hi everyone! I have some news to share. I’ve begun taking in support from readers and fans through Patreon! This will open up the opportunity for loyal readers and supporters to directly support the Yogurt Short Comics series!


What is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowdfounding platform that allows supporters to pledge monthly donations to artists and creators. Pledging as little as $1 a month will help to directly support artists, whether it is help cover costs, or to help fund brand new content for fans, both new and old, to enjoy!

Why Patreon?

Running a webcomic series, producing content, composing soundtracks, delivering books, and making merchandise all takes time and effort, but it also requires resources to help deliver! As an author, I want everyone to be able to enjoy my series and read it for free online!

Support and any patronage will be used to help keep the webcomics online for everyone to enjoy! That includes all the technical behind-the-scenes website maintenance, upkeep, and costs.

BUT! Your support will also be used to help fund the production of new content outside of webcomics. In particular, you can expect to see much of that support be put towards the production of:

  • Music CDs and soundtracks
  • Collectible merchandise and accessories
  • Volume collection books and art books

By pledging your support, you will not only be helping to keep the webcomics series alive, but you’ll also be helping to make it grow! For that, I’ll be eternally grateful! All Patrons will be honored by having their names published in my upcoming books and on the YogurtMedia website.

In addition, patrons who pledge a little more than $1 a month will receive various rewards, ranging from small cute drawings, to free books and Yogurt merchandise. It’s all my way of saying thanks!

Become a Patron today! Support YogurtMedia on Patreon!