Edit (June 10, 2015): Side characters have been added to the bottom of the characters page. 

Done! Well, almost. The new characters page has been completed. You can view the page here: Characters

For the most part, the characters page rehashes a lot of what many of my avid readers know about my main characters. Even the descriptions I’ve written were taken from my previous website. However, there’s a few extra things that I’ve added.

The first and most noticeable addition is the silhouette of a new character shown in the slider animation. I won’t say too much about her, but  I assure you that she really is going to be an addition to the main cast. This is perhaps the first real “announcement” of a new main character, despite the fact that I’ve planned it since the first volume of comics.

The second addition involves newer portraits. Although Yogurt and her friends generally look the same as they always do, a few changes to the designs signals growth between now and the future comics. Yogurt sporting long hair is an example.

Somewhere down the line, I hope to also add short blurbs of the other side-characters of the series.