Tada! I’ve registered the domain name yogurt.moe. The YogurtMedia site can now also be reached by this web address!

For all you fans of anime, manga, or any sort of Japanese otaku interests, you will know that the Japanese word 萌え, or “moe”(pronounced ‘moh-ay’) is one derived deep from within the Japanese otaku culture. The word has been often coined towards “cute” or “adorable” fictional characters, mascots, animals, or other creatures deemed worthy of heartwarming affection. Since I cannot deny that the Yogurt Short Comics series was heavily inspired by cute Japanese manga, it seemed like a natural step to attached the word “moe” to the Yogurt series.

Starting today, you’ll be able to access the YogurtMedia website by using yogurt.moe, which it will automatically redirect you to the main page. Think of it like a short URL!