Another comic for the week! Yogurt and Berry have arrive at the science center! Once they’ve acquired their admissions and such, they are greeted by the entryway to the exhibit that they came here for, the Wizards and Witches event! However, Yogurt suggests that they take their time and perhaps walk around the science center to check out all of the other exhibits that they have there! It’s basically a museum but with a lot more interesting science and physical models and activities, often pertaining to things like space exploration, mining, technology history, cars, ocean sciences, dinosaurs and all. The science center rotates their exhibits every so often and hosts travelling exhibits as well, like the Wizards and Witches one!

Yogurt reached out for Berry arm, as she wants to walk around the science center arm-in-arm together with him. This would be a nice opportunity for them to have a date together! It’s been quite some time since the two of them had gone on a date. Despite already being together, Yogurt and Berry rarely go on dates, as they already see each other day to day, often at each other’s houses. But on the occasions, they get an idea to check out a place and just spend some valuable together time. It’s not out of the ordinary that Yogurt would be the one to initiate it. And in this case, it’s something that Berry is very much interested in! Wizards and Witches is a series that Berry very much loves.