A new comic to share for the week! We’re getting pretty close to the end of the year! This year went by so quickly, and I did a surprising amount of work this year with regards to Yogurt and my art. Not to mention the greenlighting of my Vampire Enya light novel, which came about at the end of the year as a bit of a surprise. I have been doing a lot of writing over the last few days here on my Christmas holiday break, and I’ve made some progress! If you’ve been following my socials, you might see some little snippets and sample typesetting of the light novel!

In this comic, Yogurt and her friends are playing a Christmas-themed board game where they’re playing as elves trying to meet toy quotas for Santa’s delivery! The game is getting fairly close to the end of the round, with only just a couple of turns left before Santa has to take off with all the toys. The elves must hit quota, and the ones that surpass it the most wins the game. However, as with a lot of board games, sometimes there can be wild cards that can be drawn which could completely flip the board around. The leading player could potentially fall to last place if any of these cards are played!