Last comic for the month! It has been a really fun month of comics, with Yogurt volunteering her time at a daycare and getting first-hand experience in looking after children. Part of the reason why Yogurt was so giddy to try her hand at child care is that she hopes to become a teacher in the future. While she’s aiming to teach children in elementary school, I think looking after younger children would prove to give Yogurt some valuable experiences moving forward on a similar level. To top it off, Yogurt’s first time volunteering at a daycare happens to be on her special day too. She had just turned 18 years old, which can be a big step forward into adulthood for her.

The comic chapter closes off with Olivia’s boss suggesting that Yogurt is welcome to come back to volunteer anytime in the future. Despite her anxiety and nervousness, Yogurt had managed to at least prove to Olivia and her boss that she could still help out and look after kids. There’s still a lot that Yogurt can learn, and she’ll have many more opportunities there to learn more in the future.

On an off-note, I think it’s nice to see Koko and Hazel in this chapter. I haven’t exactly been too subtle about it, but seeing how my next series follows them, I figured that it would be nice to have them show up. The implications of the Yogurt and Koko universes being one and the same opens up a lot of very interesting new opportunities and potential. Having a series that’s relatively more grounded in reality crossed with another that’s more magical means that there’s lots that I can play around with and explore, maybe even explain things that are already kind of strange in the Yogurt series that you may or may not have noticed.