A new comic for the week!

Risa and her friends are at the new arcade in town. As she walks around to explore, Terry catches eye with a VR setup, which is slowly starting to pick up in these kinds of venues. Terry is pretty new to all this stuff, so Risa got a bit into a geeky rant about VR as she introduces the whole concept to Terry. What Risa seems to forget in the heat of the moment was that Terry doesn’t really have any games, nor does he keep up with them.

Because of how expensive it can be to get into VR, venues like this are popping up. Some are really immersive, while some are more on-rails, but it’s neat to see this take off. It’s still slow in the upkeep, but I think all this VR stuff will eventually go mainstream once people figure out how to use VR for a wide range of other things.