Hi everyone! One more comic for the week!

Yogurt is just seeing off all the of the students out of the class. Just as they’re about to get ready to close off the classroom, Mrs. MacMillan compliments Yogurt on just how much she has gotten better at being comfortable around the students and teaching them. Yogurt explains that she’s been doing her best and that even teaching elementary school kids have been challenging for her. There were a lot of unanticipated twists and turns with the way the classroom worked in practice. Terry’s mom places her hand on Yogurt’s shoulder and tells her something important about life, and that life has all kinds of unexpected things. It’s how we react and grow from it that defines us, and that’s exactly what they’re doing as teachers: To help prepare the kids and give them a fighting chance in a world full of unexpected things, inspire them to do great things, just like how Yogurt herself became inspired to become a teacher in the end.