It’s a new month and I have a new comic chapter to share! This time I want to focus on something a little more special for this chapter. One of the recurring themes that I’ve explored in the Yogurt Short Comics series is time and how that plays a huge role in the series as a whole. Characters age every year, making new memories and experiences, all of which eventually becomes the past. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this chapter!

In this comic, Risa is heading home from work. She’s taking the bus home and notices something along the scenic route. The trees have started to turn into their Autumn colours. Risa is slightly in shock by just how quickly the leaves are already turning, and in turn, how quickly the year went flying by. In some ways, Risa feels like it’s going by a little too quickly, thinking that she could’ve done a lot more during the summer months. This is a feeling that I’m certain many people feel at some point throughout their lives. My characters are no exception. Even in their world, time is moving.