Another comic for the week! Just a short update on my book: I expect to get my book ready for printing by the end of this week at the soonest. For sure by next week, I’ll be finalizing Vol.6 and placing an order for the print run! If you haven’t already preordered a copy of the book, you still have a chance to right up until the print date!

In this comic, Risa and Gabe have made a trade deal in the board game that they’re playing! In other words, Gabe will be trading some of his resources in exchange for some of Risa’s resources throughout the game, hopefully helping the two mutually grow their nations. In previous turns, Yogurt benefited from trading with Berry and used the resources to help build her large military. However, at the sight of seeing Berry trade with someone else, Yogurt can’t help but feel a sense of jealousy from this.