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Perhaps the one scene in this chapter where Risa begins to look deeper into the mechanics behind a basic quadcopter setup. After Terry crashes her new toy into the wall and shattering it to bits, Risa picks up the broken quadcopter and begins to inspect the various parts. It’s unlikely that she’ll be able to reuse some of the broken props, motors, and arms, but after taking a closer look, she feels that it wouldn’t be too difficult to fix it up and fly it around again. While the event probably has traumatized Terry to staying away from flying anything anymore, Risa’s seems even more motivated to look deeper into the hobby.

For those of you who are following me on various social networks, you might have noticed me posting build photos of my recent quads. My builds are pretty average examples of quadcopters used for FPV flying. Using on-board cameras and FPV headsets, pilots are able to control these quads as if they’re sitting right in the cockpit. A very fun, and very scary experience for first timers.