Hi everyone! It’s a new week and I have a new comic to share! Again, for this comic, I streamed this on my YouTube channel! I’d like to help grow my YT channel a little bit more and shift some of my art streams over to it coming from Twitch. Again, I’m not necessarily moving to YouTube, as I feel like I can stream on both occasionally, depending on the type of content I’d like to produce. So things that have a little more gaming or casual chat, or even guerilla streams, I feel like twitch is still the go to place for me to do so! While for YT, I want to keep things strictly about art and process. So you’ll see me on both!

In this comic, Yogurt and her friends are getting their tickets checked in so that they can enter the theatres. Yogurt’s a little worried that her phone might not be good enough to scan. Her phone is somewhat dated compared to everyone else’s after all. Just as she got her ticket scanned from her phone, she got a little bit of a scare when the worker wasn’t able to scan it, but it ended up going through the second time. Safe!