Another comic for the week!

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry are spending some time together looking up at the night sky. Berry starts having a bit of a monologue and talking about the stars. Space is really such a mindblowingly amazingly thing. In the space of a thumbnail against the night sky, there exists millions upon millions of stars and galaxies stretching back far in time. With modern science and technology, we’re now able to peer back into that part of space and see things we were never able to see before. And yet with all that is amazing out in the vastness of space, Berry is grateful to have been placed right here together with Yogurt and everyone else at this exact time.

Berry doesn’t really talk all that much. It’s kinda part of his character. But sometimes the things that are going on in his head are just beautiful things like this. Well, beautiful according to Yogurt, at least.