Another comic for the week! Olivia introduces herself to Yogurt, but upon hearing Yogurt give her nickname, Olivia snickers a bit and wonders why Yogurt calls herself Yogurt instead of her real name. In fact Olivia goes as far as to point out that it is a tasty name, as with most food names.

Yogurt’s real name still remains a mystery, and it can really be anything you can think of. When the time is right, her real name will reveal itself, but it isn’t anything particularly important.

As in other news, my Fiverr account has been pretty successful. I’ve been receiving a steady flow of orders, everything from character caricatures to mascots and web design elements. Yogurt Short Comics Vol.3 is also on the way to completion. You can actually expect Yogurt Short Comics Vol.3 to be ready for printing some time by the end of this month, or early October. For those who have pre-ordered a copy, I will be notifying you by email of payment and shipping confirmations. Until then, I’ll be hard at work to get everything ready!