A new month, A new comics, and an entirely new start to a new volume collection book! This is the first comic to Yogurt Short Comics Vol.7. However, I’m still busy putting together Vol.6. I aim to have that ready for preorders hopefully by the end this month, with books printed out hopefully around November or December. There’s still so much I need to do!

In this comic, Yogurt is in a library study space, a place where a lot of university students like to go to hangout and study and stuff. Yogurt’s first year in college has been quite a struggle so far. Midterms are coming up and she’s studying hard for them. While studying, she begins to think about what Berry is up to. Both Berry and her have been very busy. They take different classes and their schedules don’t necessarily line up. — Wait, stop! Yogurt can’t be thinking about Berry right now. Convinces herself to get back into focus. It helps to kind of mentally hear Berry repeat those words to her.