A new comic for the week!

Over the past several months, Yogurt has been slowly growing out her hair, though there are times when I think her hair growth is faster than average. In any case, Yogurt had decided to let her hair continue to grow, but there was a time when she couldn’t stand having long hair, not because of all the maintenance it requires, but because of the memories that entails it. This month, she might have complained about managing her hair a lot, but none of that meant anything in her decision to keep her hair.

Yogurt must have had a bunch of forgotten memories rush back during this time, everything from the fun and happy memories, to the sad ones. Instead of just running away all the time by cutting her hair and trying to forget everything, she figured that it’s about time to move forward and come to terms with herself. By the end of the day, Yogurt feels like she’s gotten stronger and more confident, but it wasn’t without the help of her closest friends and everything that she’s gone through these past few years.