Last comic for the month! Or at least the last comic for the chapter. I had initially planned 10 comics for this month because I was suppose to be travelling overseas to Japan. I’ll likely come up with a couple extra comics to fill in the rest of the month and have things segue into the the May chapter!

In this comic, Risa reflecting over the day that she had and how she boldly went to give Terry a hug. There was more that she had in mind. Of all the times that she had been visiting Terry since they’ve graduated high school, Risa has been slowly getting more comfortable around Terry and his family. It’s no surprise to the audience that Risa always had some kind of crush on Terry since middle school. And now that they are older and closer, Risa feels all sorts of awkwardness as she tries to muster up the courage to speak her feelings. It can be a lot harder when you’ve already been good friends for a long time, but in some ways, also easier. Risa looks to Yogurt and Berry as a shining example of what can go right. But for now, Risa will keep taking little steps.