Another comic for the week!

After finding out that her father’s old laptop doesn’t quite work as well as it should, Yogurt decides to head on over to the electronics store with her dad to look for a new computer that would suit her needs for school! Her father is rather eager to help his daughter pick out a computer, especially since it was probably the first time that Yogurt has expressed any form of interest in wanting to get a computer. However, going around and picking out a computer for her to use isn’t exactly an easy task. She doesn’t really know what she’ll be using it for yet, and her school would often have some computer that they let students use.

As Yogurt browses some of the computers that are available on display, she notices that each computer that she looks at has a plate with all the computer gibberish written on it. Yogurt’s dad explains to her that those are the computer specs, and they’re important to look at if you’re demanding a machine to suit your needs. Seeing all of the various numbers and letters, abbreviations and information, she cannot even begin to fathom what many of those mean. In the time that she’d learn how to use a computer through school, nobody has really taught her the specs that go into it.