It’s a new month, and I have a new comic to share! I also have some recent news too. I’ve announced Yogurt Short Comics Vol.5After working on the cover art for a while, I’ve decided on a design that I think is quite staggering compared to my previous book covers. Have a look at it! Maybe I’ll bundle a print with the preorders when it’s ready. I guess in other news, I will be travelling back to Asia later this month and I won’t be back until late May. That said, I’ve lined up some comics ahead of time so that there isn’t much of a big break.

Anyways, it’s a new chapter of comics for the month! In this comic, Yogurt is roaming the halls as the students are transitioning between classes. She runs into Berry in the hallway, who was on his way to class. Yogurt happily tells him that she has a spare on that block of time, and will be kicking back relaxing. Of course, Berry thinks that Yogurt is just bragging about it.