That last comic turned out to be the end of the movie arc. A rather inconclusive, but roundabout ending.

Here’s a comic about cooking. Actually, I find that cooking could be fairly prominent in this series. I’ve always wanted to dig deeper into cooking as a subject of interest for the comics. I might actually go forth and start a new arc on cooking. There’s quite a lot I can talk about. Oh, if anyone doesn’t know already, a sous-chef is an assistant to the head chef de cuisine. Typically, the sous-chef can do everything that the head chef does when he is not around, but otherwise, he just assists the head chef in their duties.

Here, Yogurt essentially dismisses Berry’s assistance in the kitchen. When I used to work in the kitchen for sport events, I typically tell my lower-ranking colleagues to do less important jobs, while I handle the main products. It’s more work for me, but it feels great knowing that the kitchen is under your control for the most part.

It should be pretty clear now as to why Yogurt dismissed Berry. Hehe…