A new comic for the week! We’re halfway through this month’s comic! This month seemed to have blown over really quickly. In this comic, Olivia reminds Risa to ask Terry about going on a trip to Japan. Despite the two of them dating for almost half a year now, Risa still hesitates a little bit when it comes to asking Terry about going out and stuff. But in this case, it’s for going on vacation overseas, which involves a lot of planning ahead of time with booking flights, stays, and packing stuff. The idea of them already going on a vacation overseas together feels like it’s happening too soon.

But what she fails to recognize immediately is despite dating for a short period so far, Risa and Terry have known each other far longer. For Risa, she probably feels a stir of thoughts and emotions, but she knows in the end that Olivia is right. She’ll have to ask Terry at some point sooner or later.