Last comic for the month! This month was a very nice and cozy one. There wasn’t much anything drastic that occurred during this chapter, which is nice.

However, it was a rather sentimental chapter for Yogurt and Berry. It kind of builds on the last hiking chapter, the one where Yogurt collapsed from exhaustion. Throughout this chapter, we saw Berry being a little worried about Yogurt, scared Yogurt might succumb to exhaustion again. But luckily, nothing like that happened, and instead, the two managed to spend the whole day wandering around the park, as well as settle by a cozy campfire while stargazing up at the clear night sky. As the two huddled up together while sharing a thick blanket, they leaned on each other and passed out. The day was very long, and with the amount of hiking they did, it’s no wonder that they napped so easily.

It’s a nice, simple chapter, and it will be one of the last of its kind for the rest of this last school year. Starting next month, Yogurt will be undergoing her high-school graduation preparations. This high school arc is quickly coming to a close, and in turn, Yogurt’s school years.