One more comic for the week! This chapter is blowing by pretty quickly! It is a shorter one, but it feels nice to see Koko again. She’s just a little bit older!

In this comic, Yogurt is sitting still on her stool as she models for Koko, who is busy scribbling away on her pad. Koko is a quiet student who is often lost in her thoughts. Her attention is often taken away by the most minute of things, or sometimes she becomes laser focused and drowns out the world. A peculiar character. Something that Yogurt is going to learn as she teaches more is that she’ll be dealing with all kinds of students, each with various character personalities and quirks that she would have to learn. Each student with their own unique flair. Part of her journey in teaching kids had already started in the years that have passed, but as she begins to teach more at Glen-Victoria, she’ll likely be seeing many more students!